Content developer – Software/Hardware Job-ID: 64178

The function's purpose is to develop, create, and maintain analog and digital training solutions & products. Particular diploma not required

Main tasks:
1. Digital interface for eLearning products
-Responsible for the development of eLearning digital interface cover-menu and sub-menus where training materials are presented. (internet-based solution, offline solutions)
-Responsible for the development, maintenance, and update of software and hardware solutions for delivering the eLearning interface and all containing training materials as an offline solution while ensuring security integrity.
-Responsible for the update and maintenance of functionalities of the eLearning digital interfaces.
Research, experience, and analyze other eLearning solutions available on the market.

Secondary tasks:
2. eLearning training modules (text&videos)
-Develop, create and update eLearning training modules.
-Cooperate on productions and editing of training videos.
-Cooperate with the development and editing of new eLearning modules.
-Cooperate with the translations, transcription, and audio-recording.
-Research, experience, and analyze the company's business-related contents in analog and digital media.

3.Company presentation & IT
-Co-responsible for social media management.
-Co-responsible for the update and maintenance of the company's website.
-Co-responsible for IT-related tasks
Develop business presentations as per requirement

1. Must have
-Advanced English skills speaking and writing
(for daily business & client conversations)
-Advanced user knowledge of: Excel (complex formulas, macros), Powerpoint (buttons, micros)
-IT Networks and Security
-Database concept and simple programming in Microsoft Access, a solid understanding of VBA and macros
-Average user knowledge of: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDRAW, or equivalent picture software

2. Should have
-At least average German or Dutch skills speaking and writing
(for daily business with colleagues)
-Advanced to Expert user knowledge of: ispringsolutions products, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Access, VBA, macros,


The company develops software solutions and eLearning materials for shipping companies.

Jobart: Studentenjob  Heimarbeit  Vollzeitjob 


Fidnusant IT & Education Systems GmbH






Start 1665€/Monat


Vollzeit Flexible Arbeitszeiten

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Applicants required with the aim for career development.
We do not require a particular diploma from you.

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